2 Responses to A National Memory Sector Entity Model? Anyone? Anyone?

  1. Kay Sanderson says:

    Hi Mark,

    I am, of course, interested in pursuing this discussion in this forum and hope that others (including some who are not archivists) will be too.

    Semantics are really important when we start to think about a cross-domain model. A huge amount of really useful work has already been done in the cultural heritage sector and is now manifest 🙂 in the CIDOC CRM. I would suggest that’s a really good place to start. The entities modelled derive from some fairly solid philosophical thinking and the whole model is based on continuum concepts – change over time and fixity in time (not only for the things described, but also for the model itself). It’s well worth looking at. Here are a couple of links for starters:

    The recordkeeping notion of creating entities and content entities needs to iron out its semantics (I believe) – entities are entities; notions of creation (and similar) belong in the space between the entities (the way they relate to each other).

    I’m definitely interested in talking more – on this occasion and others.


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