The proof of the pudding is in the survey


The results are in! Thanks to all of you who participated in the THATCamp Wellington 2012 survey. Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights…

Top 5 things people liked about W12:

  1. Meeting people from other fields/professions
  2. Discussions
  3. Barcamp format
  4. Meeting people from their own field/profession
  5. Workshops and session topics

Most people said one day is about right for a THATCamp, and quite a few would have liked it to be run over two days. This probably reflects the fact that many campers had attended 2-3 days of workshops and National Digital Forum conference sessions prior to W12.

Most people were keen for W13 to be run during the week, with only a handful (the organisers) preferring weekends.

The majority of survey participants said that one hour is sufficient for a THATCamp session, which surprised me. As a facilitator I felt this wasn’t sufficient time to produce anything of substance, so I guess I need to up my game!

From an organiser’s point of view it was also interesting to learn which communication channels worked best for informing people about W12. The majority of people had heard about the event through word of mouth, with others finding out through NDF conference communications and Twitter.

What most surprises and delights me is the number of people who said that W12 has inspired them to organise or assist with a THATCamp or barcamp event in the future. Share the love people!

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About Donelle

THATCamp Wellington 2013 organiser Donelle McKinley is a PhD candidate in Information Systems at Victoria University of Wellington and a member of the Wai-te-ata Press research team. Donelle's research focuses on GLAM and academic crowdsourcing.