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Let’s move beyond the Category : Empowering Immersive, Spatial Experiences for Online Collections

How can we induce positive, inquisitive experiences for visitors to our online collections? Can we evoke a natural, unguided sense of curiousity? Do online collections feel liberating and free or are their objects seemingly compartmentalised and isolated? Exploration involves seamless … Continue reading

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Share Your Favourite Tools

Ever wished you’d heard about a digital tool a year ago, before you started that big project? Ever discovered a new app and wondered how you ever managed without it? How about a “show and tell” session to share our … Continue reading

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How Important is Digital Preservation?

Since the delineation between “The Digital World” and “The World” becomes less clear on a daily basis, and advances in technology seem to happen twice as fast, what’s the importance of digital preservation? So what if those text messages you … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing in the Humanities and Cultural Sector

A growing number of academic and collecting institutions are crowdsourcing to create and enhance online collections and resources more cost-effectively, engage the wider community, and enable research. Online volunteers are assisting with a wide range of tasks such as tagging, … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Linked Data and LODLAM

We’ve (Conal Tuohy, Anna Gerber, Anne Cregan and Ingrid Mason) just run an Introduction to Linked Data workshop at eResearch Australasia 2012 conference (see wiki for presentations).  I won’t be bringing these fabulous computer scientists with me to NZ sadly … Continue reading

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Mapping networks

Mapping the “degrees of separation” of the people attending THATCamp W12 Session proposal by Nancy Marquez My session proposal idea is to create a network map of the participants in attendance; I’d like to see how people with experience creating this … Continue reading

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National Digital Infrastructure

This is a fairly unwieldy topic, but a lot of my conversations seem to be veering in this direction. I’d like to propose a session to discuss what a future digital humanities infrastructure might look like in New Zealand. We … Continue reading

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Time to Propose a Session!

Here’s how it works. We have a schedule, but other than the workshops, we don’t have anything planned—you’re the ones who do the planning. Over the next three weeks you can post your session ideas to the THATCamp W12 blog. … Continue reading

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